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You can switch from one tariff plan to another, an additional system of backups


1.87 $/м Order
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB Disc
  • 1 CPU
  • IPv4 address
  • Installing the OS Linux/Win


2.78 $/м Order
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 15 GB Disc Space
  • 2 CPU
  • IPv4 address
  • Installing the OS Win/Linux


3.74 $/м Order
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disc Space
  • 2 CPU
  • IPv4 address
  • Installing the OS Win/Linux


15.56 $/м Order
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Disc Space
  • 4 CPU
  • IPv4 address
  • Installing the OS Linux


31.13 $/м Order
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 150 GB Disc Space
  • 6 CPU
  • IPv4 address
  • Installing the OS Win/Linux


If your project have high traffic, generates a heavy load, or requires increased security or custom settings - it's time to think about renting a dedicated server.

How to start a website?


Choose an original and easily remembered domain name


Choose the best tariff plan

Starting the site

We will ensure high speed of your website

Everyting starts

from 10 $/м

Hosting Tariff plans

For user sites, for sites with heavy load, servers 1C or file archives of your company.
0,95 $/month
  • 1 Website
  • 1 GB Disc Space
  • 65 Мб RAM
  • 1 MySQL Databases
  • 1 FTP User
  • Quick Support
  • 14 days Test
1,71 $/month
  • 5 Websites
  • 5 GB Disc Space
  • 128 Мб RAM
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • 5 FTP Users
  • Quick Support
  • 14 days Test
4,76 $/month
  • 10 Websites
  • 25 GB Disc Space
  • 256 Мб RAM
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • 10 FTP Users
  • Quick Support
  • 7 days Test
7,58 $/month
  • ∞ Websites
  • 50 GB Disc Space
  • 1024 Мб RAM
  • ∞ MySQL Databases
  • ∞ FTP Users
  • Quick Support
  • 7 days Test

What makes our hosting the best?


Regular updates for stable work

Free certificate

Built-in certificate Let's encrypt

Modern equipment

Only the best equipment for maximum speed

Daily Backups

Daily backup and storage for up to 30 days

Email addresses without restrictions

Create as many email addresses as you need!

Integration with CloudFlare

Enhanced protection and speed of site load

Server Protection

Antivirus protection and protection from spam bots

Fast technical support

We will answer any your question both in telephone and in online mode

Test period

Free trial period up to 14 days to get acquainted with the tariff

Feel the benefits now

Place your site on best hosting
  • LIGHTNESS AND SIMPLICITY - the most convenient control panel.
  • FLEXIBLE TARIFFS - We propose to write your own tariff yourself which is suitable only for your project
  • FREE DOMAIN when buying an unlimited package*
    *check with the manager for details
  • Check prices
Create and run your own Online store
  • BUILT-IN SCRIPTS for easy installation on the site
  • TRANSFER OF THE READY SITE with full data preservation. Our support team will carry out the transfer of all data and site settings qualitatively.
  • HIGH SPEED for fast loading of pages and satisfied customers
  • Check prices


High performance

Place a large site, an online store, electronic media, 1C accounts on a virtual dedicated server VPS / VDS on Servera Ukr

Read More
Unlimited traffic

A large number of operating systems, the possibility of free transfer from one tariff plan to another and tariffs with unlimited traffic

Read More
Reliable equipment

The climate control system, stable Internet channel and uninterrupted power supply guarantee reliable operation of the server in the data center

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We offer cooperation

Reselling hosting is a service that allows you to independently provide your customers with high-quality hosting services under their own brand. Our advantageous tariff plans for reselling allow you to do this with high profit for yourself. It is worth noting that we do not regulate the price that you voice to your customers, so the size of your direct profit depends only on you.

Reselling includes all the functions and features that are available in our usual hosting and includes additional features, such as: creating independent accounts, creating your own restrictions on any of the accounts, creating your own templates with restrictions for the formation of personal tariff plans, availability of built-in request-response system (Support Center), which allows you to keep correspondence and record requests from customers.

Reselling VDS / VPS – a service that perfectly suits the owners of web studios, providers and simply large Internet resources. With minimal investment, you can get quite a substantial discount on server rental in our Company. Our partners receive a partner discount on an ongoing basis, negotiated individually.

In this way, you can easily create your own ready-made Internet business to provide servers for your customers. At the same time, you do not even need to deal with the task of building and providing the technical infrastructure of the domains – this will be done by our specialists

With us, you can purchase licenses for a variety of software used on servers and when creating sites. We are official distributors of ISPSystem, therefore we can offer you the most favorable prices for licenses.

The advantages of our reselling ISPsystem licenses

  • Automatic, instant activation
  • All the latest product versions are always available
  • Guarantee of the best price for the license
  • More than a dozen payment methods
  • API for integration with your site
  • Fast start
  • Full integration with Billmanager – you can start reselling licenses within an hour
  • Simple license management panel

Affiliate fees include 10% revenue from all hosting and rental services for dedicated physical servers.

The affiliate program allows you to earn money on customers that you have recommended our services. Our affiliate program for hosting, unlike many competitors, allows you to do this automatically, by placing your affiliate link on your website, blog or media channel.

You have the opportunity to provide a billing panel to your customers under your own brand. You will be able to keep records of your customers, their data, payments and expenses and use integration with any payment methods that are currently supported by the BillManag billing system. You do NOT need to rent a dedicated server for your billing system. Thus, you reduce the costs of your own business

You can use the integration with any hosting management panel / servers that are supported by BillManager.

You do not need to worry about the technical component and security of your billing system data. All this we undertake.

Frequently asked Questions

What version of PHP is used on hosting?

Hosting with PHP support implies multiversion.
This means that you can select any supported version of PHP for each site within a single virtual site.

Available versions of PHP: from 5.2.17 to 7.2.5

What kind of hosting should I choose?

Hosting tariffs should be chosen based on the following criteria:

1. Site load.

2. Presence of non-standard scripts and technological solutions, for example hosting for Bitrix.

3. The need for increased resource capacity.

4. Administration capability.

5. Simplicity and convenience in combination with intensive resource development.

If you plan to create a highly loaded project with a large site attendance or having scripts with high requirements for the time of operation, to allocated RAM or the processor frequency, or plan to store a lot of backups, then one of the VPS tariffs.

As part of the VPS tariff, a significantly larger amount of guaranteed server resources is provided in comparison with the tariffs for virtual hosting.

The undoubted plus of the virtual server (VPS) is not so much its stability and performance, as in the provision of root-rights and the availability of a wide range of pre-installed operating system templates. You independently administer VPS, which will allow you to maximally flexibly implement its settings and manage them in the future.

What kind of hosting control panel do you provide?

The hosting control panel is the most important element with which you not only manage the services, but also monitor the state of the services, scale the entities and add options.

We provide the ISPmanager control panel. This control panel allows you to get  all the necessary information as quickly as possible: about the status of services, about opportunities, about services and restrictions, about the connected options and, of course, about the terms of renewal.

The difference between VPS and Shared Hosting

For Internet solutions, a virtual server (VPS hosting) is good because it can be optimally configured both at the hardware level (speed and number of processor cores, memory and disk), and at the settings level. Unlike shared virtual hosting, you can install an arbitrary set of programs on it. So it’s not limited to choosing a CMS that works on a PHP + MySQL bundle. The virtual server allows you to run web applications written in most web programming languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, ColdFusion, Perl, Groovi, etc., and use arbitrary database management systems: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MongoDB, Tarantul and others.

The leased virtual server can be used not only for hosting web sites, services and portals, but also for entry-level business applications. For example, you can organize the work of 1C: Enterprises. 1C: Enterprise Server can work without a key for up to 10 connections, and a combination of two virtual servers (one for the PostgreSQL database server, the second for the 1C: Enterprise for Linux) provides a reliable and secure solution. In addition, virtual servers are very convenient for backing up databases of business applications. Configured replication will save critical data in the event of a loss of the primary servers.

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