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Free certificate Let’s Encrypt

Owners of small projects are not always ready to spend money on the purchase of an SSL certificate. For such situations, there are free certificates.



What is an SSL certificate

SSL certificate does not allow fraudsters to intercept or replace personal data of users: contact information, bank card numbers, logins, passwords, e-mail addresses, etc.



Who will use this certificate?

Free SSL certificates are suitable for small sites where users leave personal data: email addresses, passwords, phone numbers.

Advantages of Let’s Encrypt Certificates


Unlike commercial certification centers, this SSL certificate is issued free of charge. This is beneficial for small sites, whose owners can not afford a paid SSL certificate.

Strong encryption

If you are worried that a free SSL certificate does not encrypt information securely, then it is not. Despite the fact that the product does not need to be paid, the level of protection is the same as that of paid certificates.

Easy management

There is a client for managing certificates. He can automatically download, install and renew certificates. To do this, you need to install it on the server and allow the configuration to be changed.

Let's Encrypt Certificates

Short term

A free SSL certificate will not be issued for a year. Let's Encrypt Certificate works up to 90 days. Once…

Complex installation

To install a free SSL certificate, you need to use the command line. If you did not do this before,…

Low compatibility

Let's Encrypt certificates have compatibility issues - it's incompatible with versions of Windows XP and with Android 2.3.6 and below.

No warranty

Commercial certification centers provide a guarantee for their certificates. This is a monetary compensation for losses to site visitors who…

No customer support

No support for chatting or over the phone. Instead, technical documentation on the organization's website. It is written in English…

Limited functionality

Let's Encrypt does not issue certificates with organization verification or green line. And Let's Encrypt does not release Wildcard-certificates.