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How to choose a domain?

The selection of an ideal domain name is a laborious process, so we have selected several tips for you to help you make the final choice.


Domain name should be the name of your company, brand, or the direction of your activity.


The name should be short and memorable, try to avoid names from more than three words, watch for the convenience of pronunciation of the domain.


Preferably is the zone of the first level. Also, pay attention to the link to the location of the target audience.


It's worth checking whether your domain name has more popular competitors in another zone.


Using a hyphen in the domain allows you to use 2 keywords, which helps a lot of SEO optimization.


Give preference to English before transliteration and do not forget to follow the spelling.


Unlike traditional services, where the sale of free domains is carried out in a standard way, the auction provides for the bidding procedure. There is also such a type of sites as the exchange. Its difference is that you can quickly sell the domain at a fixed price, which saves time.

If you are not ready to deal with the issue of domain name purchase yourself and are afraid of making mistakes, experts from the Servera company will help you. Ukr. We provide a full range of services in this area, and are ready to provide full support in the interests of the client. Flexibility, efficiency and focus on results allow us to confidently strive for leading positions in our field.


Domain parking

Packed domains were widely used in the early 2000s, and since then this type of activity is gaining momentum. Parking allows you to reserve ownership of a domain name in order to further sell it to interested persons at an auction or through a stock exchange. The resale of beautiful domain names has its own nuances, so it is not unreasonable for a buyer to get acquainted with some recommendations.

Domain Zone

The shortest addresses in the .ru, .ua, .rf, etc. zones are of the greatest value. That is, the shorter the name, the higher the probability that the user will remember it.


Mandatory preliminary verification through whois-service. This is necessary in order to ensure that there is no bans search engines.


Resource with an overpriced TIC should also alert, as this can be the result of a “gluing” with a mirror. After the sale, its significance is significantly reduced.


The study of backlinks is a mandatory, albeit a long-term procedure, in order to avoid “surprises” after the transaction is formalized.