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High speed

Ensuring maximum speed of operation

Without loss of domain

You do not have to lose the site's domain name

Memory Expansion

Unlimited memory resources

Data Security

Privacy and access security

Any number of domains

Tariffs with unlimited number of sites

Technical support 24/7

We will always answer any of your questions.

ISP panel

The best panel for managing services

3 days test

Free Trial Period

The best equipment

Uninterrupted server operation


First of all, you need to place an order for hosting on the page "Tariffs for hosting", selecting the optimal tariff plan.
Now you need to get a copy of the site and database from the old hosting. Unfortunately, there is no universal hint how to do this - because you can get your data on different hosting sites differently: download files from FTP yourself, ask for copies from the technical department, or use the hosting control panel tools - it all depends on the situation.
After obtaining the necessary copies, go to "Control Panel - Virtual Hosting" and click "Go", in the window that appears, select the File Manager tab and find there directory with the site name, and in it the www subdirectory.
In the www folder you need to download the files of your site. This can be done with our File Manager or FTP clients such as FileZilla or Total Commander.
Now you need to fill in the database. This can also be done through the File Manager, or using PhP-MyAdmin.
At this stage, you have all the necessary files are on the hosting, it remains to link the site to the database, that is, change the settings for connecting to the database in the site's configuration file. Depending on the site management system, this data may reside in a particular file.
After connecting the database, you can begin the process of binding a domain to our hosting, which is why you need to contact the registrar of your domain name with the request to specify our NS-servers in the domain or do it yourself through the personal domain registration office.
In case you have any problems with the transfer of the site, you can always contact our technical support and we will promptly help you in this matter.