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Design and installation of Audio / Video systems AudioQuest, JBL, JVC, ONKYO, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sonance, Sonus Faber, SONY, Yamaha, SAMSUNG, AMX, Crestron...

Sound systems

No hotel today does not do without sound systems. What options can we offer:

  • – Background sound of the Zone of Reception and Hall
  • – Sound in the Restaurant
  • – Background sound of the adjacent territory
  • – Professional sounding of fitness rooms, SPA

Audio and video equipment

We are ready to offer any equipment that suits you in terms of functionality, quality and cost:

  • – For conference halls
  • – For restaurants

Home Cinema

Sound equipment (systems 5.1 and 7.1)

    • – Video projectors
    • – Direct and curved screens for projectors


  • – LED TVs
  • – LCD panels

Soundproofing and audio-preparation of premises

The fundamental principle of our work is to provide the level of acoustic comfort desired for the client