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Sale of ISP licenses

To date, one of the most advanced server management solutions is ISPmanager, a software product developed by ISPsystem. There are three versions of ISPlicense (licenses): Lite, Сluster and Pro.

Multifunctionality and simplicity are two main factors that are mainly attracted in the ISP panel. That is why the sale of licenses is included in the list of services of the Servera Ukr company, since for our clients we prepare only the most profitable offers.

An intuitive panel allows you to perform a number of actions without unnecessary effort, namely:

Security of personal data
Install SSL certificates on domains.
Managing Accounts
Adding new accounts, the ability to delegate the access level of each individual user.
The ability to back up to an external data store through an automated system.
Easy management
The panel allows you to easily manage the web server, install the CMS and create sites from scratch.
FTP Data Management
Create FTP users, manage data and regulate access to files.
Managing Mailboxes
The ability to register new mailboxes and configure spam filters.

Based on the above, we can safely say that “ISP Manager” is the best solution of this class, which has no alternatives in its segment. This is confirmed by numerous users and hosting companies around the world.

To get a free opportunity to work with ISPmanager, it is enough to buy one of the rental packages for dedicated servers, the tariffs for which are indicated in the corresponding section.

The system automatically installs updates, so you will always work with the most current version. The panel supports Windows Server, Centos and FreeBSD. The company-developer does not stop work on improving its software product and its popularization among users on the Internet. Although this decision is already one of the most popular tools for managing hosting services.

More detailed information about the specifics of ISP manager’s work can be obtained on the official website of the company or on thematic forums.
Also, you can contact for advice directly to one of our specialists, as customer information support is an integral part of our work.