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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL is a protocol that ensures the security of connections between your computer and the server.
What will I receive when I use the certificate?
The certificate proves that the visited site belongs to the company that installed the certificate. Data can not be replaced when using the encryption protocol. An attacker can not view the data being transmitted.
When you need SLL?
For the safe operation of mail, security of payments,
as well as transmitted data in the forms of the login, etc.

Types of certificates

IDN The certificate supports domains in the national language (for example, сервера.укр).
WC A certificate with support for subdomains (Wildcard) is suitable for protecting all third-level domains of the primary domain (*
SGC A certificate with a high level of encryption (SGC) is required to support legacy browsers, they are forcibly enabled a high level of encryption. Suitable for credit organizations and websites with a large number of corporate users.
SAN You can use one certificate on multiple domains instead of purchasing multiple certificates

The impact of a certificate on positions in search engines

In order to encourage the transfer of sites to the https protocol and to ensure the safe transmission of data on the Internet, Google representatives have officially stated that the availability of an SSL certificate on the site positively affects the position in the Google search engine.

The value of this ranking factor is not large, but other things being equal, the site using the https protocol will be higher. Also, representatives of Google said that it is possible to increase the importance of this factor in the future to motivate developers and site owners to encrypt the transmitted data.